The Recruiting Journey Through the Art of the Human Connection®

Part 2 in the series By Kimberly Kenner Screening Resumes The screening process is critical in a successful search process. It should be planned, completed carefully by someone who can read the actual verbiage on the resume; to see what is on the resume and perhaps more importantly what is not listed. It is difficult…
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The Art of Human Connection®

by: Kimberly Kenner It’s a tough market right now for recruiting. All of our clients say they’re struggling to find talent. The Federal government considers “full employment” when the unemployment rate is below 6%. We passed that mark four years ago in July of 2014! As of March of this year, Orange County’s unemployment is…
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Finding Candidates – Part One of a Series

Depending on your specific requirements and preferred attributes that were developed in the success profile can help determine where to find candidates for your particular opening. Use the specific Success Profile to guide your content and write an advertisement to be used to post your position. Include the most important details, the must-haves, even the…
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It is NOT About US!

When it comes time for the interview, it is about the candidates and their experience. It is about making them feel like their time matters, that you were ready and prepared for the interview, and that filling your role is not just a bodyfilling process. How do you run your interviews? For a lot of…
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Employee Referral Program

Recruitment Report: Employee Referrals

When it comes to recruiting and sourcing for candidates, there is something you can add to this mix; an employee referral program (ERP). There have been several surveys that imply that implementing a robust ERP in your recruiting process increases employee satisfaction when it comes to retention. Forty-six % of employees hired via a referral…
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Recruiting Employees Leave

When an Employee Leaves

Conduct an after the process audit to reevaluate the position, understand the deliverables and specify the expectations of a new hire. The first reaction when an employee resigns or is terminated is understandably, “Who’s going to do the work? Let’s get someone in here quick.” But now is the time to stand back and reevaluate…
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Why Hiring for Trust is Critical

Many of our clients are owner-led businesses, and they have many things in common. One of them is their reluctance to trust “outsiders,” meaning employ people they don’t already know. This leads them to hire family and friends which often holds them back. They end up prioritizing familiarity over competence. But what if they learned…
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Recruiting Success Profile

Building on the Success Profile

Can you envision your ideal recruit? Will they fit your profile of success? By completing the Success Profile you spell out specific short- and long-term goals for a new hire to accomplish. The next step to consider is the competencies and qualities that a recruit should have to be successful in achieving those goals. By…
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The 16 Questions to Ask for a Successful Recruitment Process

We frequently get that panic call from a hiring manager worried about filling a vacant position. The department head won’t meet his/her production goals. The workload is too much for the remaining staff. More employees will quit if we don’t find a replacement employee soon. It is hard not to react and find a body…
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