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Courtroom War Stories - How to Protect Your Business From Employee Lawsuits

Date: Due to the current circumstances this webinar has been postponed and will be rescheduled as soon as possible
Time: 11:00 AM Pacific Time
California’s employment laws are some of the toughest in the nation. Employers can try their best and still make mistakes that will cost them millions of dollars in settlements or jury verdicts.
Joseph Naddour, Esq. and Shawn Larsen, Esq. of Larsen & Naddour have been in the trenches and on both sides of the table: bringing suits against employers who break the law and defending clients when accused of doing so. They will join Marla Merhab Robinson, Esq. of Merhab Robinson & Clarkson, Law Corporation, and Linda M. Duffy, President of Ethos Human Capital Solutions, to share courtroom war stories and actions employers took – or didn’t take – that landed them in trouble.
Attendees will:
  • Learn what to do and not do to avoid sexual harassment lawsuits
  • Understand the complex rules around classification of workers as independent contractors
  • Listen to stories about PAGA claims and take away action items to ensure compliance with certain wage and hour laws
  • Obtain advice regarding best practices for compliance with wage and hour laws on regular rate calculations and meal and rest periods
  • Learn common mistakes employers make when managing leaves of absence so you don’t repeat them
  • Hear about the easily avoidable errors employers commit that result in lawsuits
As always, we’ll take your questions and offer practical ideas for complying with the complex CA employment laws.
This program is approved for one (1) (California) recertification credit hours toward aPHR™, aPHRi™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™ and SPHRi™ recertification through the HR Certification Institute.
Ethos Human Capital Solutions is an HRCI Approved Provider (valid through February 28, 2021).

Recorded Webinars

Employees' Rights & Employer Compliance Under California's New Consumer Privacy Act

The California Consumer Privacy Rights Act (CCPA) took effect on Jan 1, 2020. Employees and contractors are considered “consumers” under the law, so HR professionals need to be equipped to manage California employment requirements under this complex law. Some provisions won’t be enforced until 2021, but there is a lot to do now and in preparation for 2021.
Get a practical update on the CCPA, especially for HR professionals and employers.
Listen to this webinar to learn:
  • What is CCPA?
  • How employers are directly impacted by CCPA.
  • What HR professionals need to do NOW to be compliant.
  • Employees’ rights under CCPA.
  • Tips on vendors and service providers with whom data is shared.
  • Preparing for full enforcement.
Get a checklist for employer compliance.
Join Linda Duffy of Ethos Human Capital Solutions, Marla Merhab Robinson, Esq. of Merhab Robinson, & Clarkson Law Corporation and Linda Zimmer, president MarCom: Interactive and certified privacy protection manager as they discuss these issues:
If you have questions that were not addressed in the webinar please contact Linda Duffy.
This webinar was recorded on February 20, 2020

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Accurate Recordkeeping is Not a Choice!

HR Recordkeeping can be confusing- what to create, what to keep, and for how long? Inadequate or inaccurate recordkeeping can be worse than no records at all when trying to defend against a lawsuit.
Join Linda Duffy of Ethos Human Capital Solutions and Marla Merhab Robinson, Esq. of Merhab Robinson, & Clarkson Law Corporation as they discuss these issues along with:
  • HR documentation storage-electronic, hard copy, and third party
  • Key laws and documentation requirements
  • Documentation strategies for HR documentation
  • What you are legally required to post and when
  • How employers get into trouble with inaccurate HR documentation
We address questions in the webinar.  If you have questions that were not covered please reach out to  Linda Duffy.
This webinar was recorded on January 23, 2020

New Laws for the New Year 2020

2020 is here! Ringing in the new year also means changes in California and Federal laws that affect employment and your company.
Linda Duffy of Ethos Human Capital Solutions and Marla Merhab Robinson Esq. of Merhab Robinson, & Clarkson Law Corporation discuss:
  • Case law that will impact how you do business
  • Changes you need to make to your compensation structure and employee handbooks
  • New training requirement
If you have questions on anything that is covered in the webinar please reach out to linda@ethos.com
This webinar was recorded on December 5, 2019

Handling No- Match Letters from the Social Security Administration

Employer Correction Request notices or “No-Match” letters are on the rise. We’ve had clients receive notices that as many as 75% of their employees are using social security numbers that don’t match their names. There are many possible reasons for this, but how do you handle it without scaring off your employees or getting in trouble with the government?
Listen to the webinar to understand how to address and resolve the issues raised when receiving this type of notification.
Our presenter for this topic is Monica E. Lukoschek of U.S. Immigration Law, LLP. Ms. Lukoschek along with, Linda Duffy, President of Ethos Human Capital Solutions, and Marla Merhab Robinson, Managing Partner, MRJC.
This webinar was recorded on May 23, 2019

Recruiting Tips for a Tight Labor Market

2019 is experiencing one of the toughest recruiting markets for employers in recent decades. View the webinar to learn:

  • Ideas for sourcing top talent;
  • Steps for vetting candidates properly;
  • Legal issues surrounding recruiting; and
  • Ways to improve the candidate experience.

This webinar is conducted by Kimberly Kenner, Director of Recruiting for Ethos Human Capital Solutions, Linda Duffy, President of Ethos Human Capital Solutions, and Marla Merhab Robinson, Managing Partner, MRJC.

This webinar was recorded on May 2, 2019

The Biggest Wage & Hour and Payroll Mistakes

Complying with Federal and State payroll legal obligations can be confusing and costly if you make a mistake.

Hear Linda Duffy and Marla Merhab Robinson of Merhab Robinson, Jackson & Clarkson as they discuss the most common payroll mistakes including:

  • Misclassifying employees
  • Improper deductions
  • Complying with both Federal and State laws

This webinar was recorded on March 21, 2019

The Complex Web of Leaves of Absence, Part 2

Between federal laws and California laws, some employers are subject to as many as 23 different leaves of absence laws.  Which leaves are paid?  Which leaves provide job protection to the employee?  How much time is an employee entitled to take under each leave?

Last month we discussed leave laws relating to medical conditions, now it is time to cover the “other” leaves of absences.

Hear Linda Duffy and Marla Merhab Robinson of Merhab Robinson, Jackson & Clarkson discuss:

  • Organ & Bone Marrow
  • Witness Duty
  • Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation
  • Volunteer Firefighter
  • Kin-Car

This webinar was recorded on  February 14, 2019

Leaves of Absence, Part 1 - Medical Leaves

Managing leaves of absences (LOAs) is one of the most complex areas in human resources. What state and federal laws are triggered when an employee is pregnant? What do you do when an employee is diagnosed with cancer? What if a worker has a family member who is disabled and needs assistance? Perhaps one of your staffers needs time off to heal from a work-related injury. These are just a few of the issues that employers face every day.

Hear Linda Duffy of Ethos Human Capital Solutions and Kurtis Urien with Merhab Robinson, Jackson & Clarkson discuss the interplay among a number of laws like FMLA, CFRA, ADA, FEHA, PDL, and workers’ compensation.

This webinar was recorded on January 17, 2019

New Laws for 2019- What You Need to Know

It is that time of year again when employers are faced with the task of keeping up with the new laws and the never-ending changes to current ones.

Hear Linda Duffy and Kurtis Urien of Merhab Robinson, Jackson & Clarkson as they discuss the upcoming changes and what you will need to do to stay in compliance.

This webinar was recorded on December 13, 2018

Why Can't I Just Pay Everyone a Salary?

You can…but with a hefty price. Misclassification on non-exempt employees as exempt can bring significant costs, including overtime pay, interest, and other penalties- not to mention the attorneys’ costs that will be incurred to defend any lawsuits brought by current or former employees. Exempt classification is a complicated matter, and the rules differ between California and Federal law.

This webinar was recorded on November 8, 2018

The Future of Independent Contractors in California

Earlier this year, the CA Supreme Court published a decision in the case of Dynamex Operations West Inc. v. Superior Court Los Angeles County.  In its decision, the Court created a new “ABC” test for determining whether workers should be classified as employees or independent contractors.  Not surprisingly, this decision embraced a standard presuming workers are employees, and placed the burden of proof on employers.

This webinar was recorded on September 27, 2018

Job Descriptions: An Employer's Best Friend or Necessary Evil?

Writing job descriptions and keeping them up to date is time-consuming and seemingly never-ending.  Are they an employer’s best friend or just a necessary evil?

This webinar was recorded on June 21, 2018

Workplace Violence: Can You Recognize The Warning Signs?

Violence in the Workplace stories have become commonplace in today’s news, and violence can manifest itself in different forms. Do you know how to recognize and handle threatening behavior in your organization?

IWC Orders: What are They and How Do They Apply to My Business?

Linda Duffy and Marla Merhab Robinson, Partner with Merhab Robinson, Jackson & Clarkson discuss how to determine which IWC Order your business is subject to and the vital information you need to be aware of.

#MeToo Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Webinar

The last few months have brought the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace to the forefront of every industry. Linda Duffy and Marla Merhab Robinson, Partner with Merhab Robinson, Jackson & Clarkson discuss what constitutes sexual harassment, your obligations as an employer and how you can balance protecting your company and the employees.

New HR Laws in 2018

This webinar provides an overview of important employment law changes going into effect in California in 2018. We also discuss legal cases that have been or will be decided by the courts and will affect CA employers.

The Dos and Don'ts of Conducting Workplace Investigations

Employers have a legal duty, under both state and federal laws, to take “all reasonable steps” to prevent harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and other unlawful employment practices. An essential part of prevention is how the employer conducts investigations of employee claims of unlawful behavior. To be legally compliant, workplace investigations must be timely, conducted by a competent investigator, effective, and reasonable under the circumstances.

Recognition Basic Training from US Submarine Force: How to Engage, Empower, and Encourage

Linda Duffy of Ethos Human Capital Solutions and Marla Merhab Robinson, Esq. with Merhab Robinson, Jackson & Clarkson welcomed LT Marc Koehler, an Officer in the US Nuclear Submarine Force, to be a guest presenter for this pre-recorded webinar. Marc, who saw sailors go above and beyond in the call of duty, developed a lasting system for improving and sustaining performance through recognition. Not being able to provide monetary rewards, Marc saw the power of recognizing people with words of encouragement, paper awards, ribbons, and medals.


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