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Effective Relationships

Alignment & Execution

Insights that elevate team connection.  Perceptions that cultivate workplace relationships.  Behaviors that power exceptional teams.  Ethos HCS assessments perfect your recruiting, hiring, development, and team work.  Human connection that is just so smart.
Understand Yourself & Others
Our solutions build more effective working relationships based on an understanding of different behavioral styles.

Everything DiSC® tools are designed to improve your understanding of yourself AND other people. Do you wonder why you can’t seem to connect with a coworker? Feel intimidated every time you set foot in your boss’ office?

Knowing how you communicate and how others perceive your communications create better connections. You and your colleagues will be able to develop your own communication language once you learn where you place on the DiSC quadrant grid.

Assessments Solutions

Supports everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to build more effective relationships, and improve the quality of the workplace.

EVERYTHING DiSC Productive Conflict

Curbs destructive behaviors so that conflict can become more productive, improving workplace results and relationships.

Everything DiSC Management

Managers learn how to bring out the best in each employee, how to read employees’ styles and adapt their own styles to manage more effectively.


The best of 360s with the simplicity and power of DiSC. Includes personalized strategies for improving leadership effectiveness. Great for emerging leaders or experienced executives.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

The Work of Leaders made simple: Vision, Alignment, and Execution. Connects to real-world demands, generating powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action.

Everything DiSC Sales

Connect salespeople with their customers by understanding their DiSC sales style, their customers’ buying styles, and adapting their sales style to meet their customers’ buying styles.

Helping Companies Improve Communication & Collaboration

“Our entire team was able to benefit from Linda’s facilitation of a multi-session workshop designed to help us better understand everyone’s unique personality traits and improve our overall communication with clients and one another. Throughout the process, she demonstrated an articulate understanding of the Everything DiSC Workplace program, helped us unpack and interpret the results in a positive way, and guided us through a collaborative process with a confident, solution-oriented focus. I highly recommend Linda to anyone looking to take an honest look in the mirror about how they can improve their organization.”

–   Jon Theriault, Principal and Senior Financial Advisor, RS Crum, Inc.

Team Development

How Cohesive Teams Behave
The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ has a simple goal: To facilitate a learning experience that helps professionals and their organizations discover what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team.

The Five Behaviors™ profile  provides both individual and team feedback. It is grounded in the model described in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the internationally best-selling leadership fable by Patrick Lencioni.

With this program, participants will learn how, as a team, they score on the key components of the model: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. Additionally, the program is powered by Everything DiSC®, a model that helps individuals to understand themselves and others better. Using these results, participants will be able to create a better, stronger team.

Teams that work together are good for your bottom line!

When more time is spent on team wrangling rather than on improving productivity or launching a new product, you know your team is fractured and unproductive. Too much energy is wasted when team members become territorial, passive aggressive or unwilling to participate.

At Ethos Human Capital Solutions, we work to uncover the trust issues that lead to conflict. When every member is committing to being accountable and vested in results, you can improve team health and productivity.

PXT Select

Improve your hiring effectiveness by using data to back up your gut instincts on candidates. The PXT Select evaluates whether they can do the job (thinking abilities); how they will do the job (behavioral traits); and for how long they will do the job (interests).


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