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Get Your Required Workplace Violence Prevention Plan In Place

California employers must implement Workplace Violence Prevention Plans (WVPP) by July 1st!

This new requirement applies to nearly all California public and private employers.

Why is a WVPP Necessary?

In 2021, 57 people died in workplace violence in California. Nationally, there were 392 workplace violence deaths in the US in 2020. Additionally, from 2015 to 2019 in the US, there were 1.3 M nonfatal workplace violent crimes. According to OSHA, workplace violence is the 2nd leading cause of fatal workplace injuries.
Senate Bill 553 requires Workplace Prevention Plans designed to identify, prevent, and address incidents of workplace violence. The plans must be tailored to each location’s specific needs and circumstances, reflecting the unique risks and dynamics of the workplace.

Customized Workplace Violence Protection Plans

Ethos has developed customized Workplace Violence Protection Packages to help employers comply with the new regulations. Contact our team to review the Ethos WVPP packages.

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Why Clients Love Us


Linda is one of the best human resources professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. She is intelligent, incredibly articulate and conscientious.

Linda has a strong foundation in employment law, but her real strength is in dealing with people.

~ Marla Robinson, Partner, Merhab, Robinson, Jackson & Clarkson


Your assistance has helped transform the organization. They have made some tough staffing decisions and let go of staff members who were not doing their job. Over the course of three months, the organization has changed from losing money each month to generating +25K in revenue.

~ Michelle Costa, Director of Programs, GoCampaign


Ethos Human Capital Solutions’ Success Profile process shifted our recruiting conversation from ‘job duties,’ to specific, measurable goals that tie back to our business needs and objectives. Candidates appreciated the detailed expectation-setting, and we had clarity about how performance would be measured… 

~ Kristen Williams, Former Dir. of Training & Strategic Planning, Celluphone

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