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Take strategic action. Know where your HR success shines and manage where the gaps are.  Achieve world-class competitiveness with HR practices that improve your bottomline.  Let Ethos help you identify issues, find opportunities, and create HR action plans.

Yes, Human Resources audits give you confidence that you are in compliance and employing best practices.  But, Ethos Human Capital Solutions audits move your company forward.  They ensure you are always on the right track as you grow, add employees, market your company to talented people, and they make your life easier by streamlining your HR function.

We have a full array of human resources audit services that will impact your company’s move to the next level.

Elevate your HR function from an administrative, operational effort to a strategic advantage.  Call us at (844) 384-6747 or contact us online.

An HR audit is your people-focused strategic tool.

  • Feel confident you are in compliance
  • Build HR infrastructure for your future
  • Reveal ways HR can impact business results
  • Align HR to company strategies and goals

Exemption Analysis Audit


Be comfortable that you are meeting State and Federal employer regulations. Auditing your practices gives you confidence and more time to concentrate on growing your business.

Our turn-key flat rate makes cost predictable too.

Ethos Human Capital Solutions delivers a turnkey solution to evaluate your exempt positions that may be impacted at your organization. With a number of options available, use the professional services of Ethos to be in compliance and adjust salaries without hurting employee morale.

Here’s the details:

  • Audit your workforce to identify employees currently treated as exempt who will not meet the new salary threshold to determine whether to increase affected employees’ salaries or convert them to non-exempt.
  • Determine the best strategy for your business (e.g., increase
    salaries? offer bonuses? convert to hourly with overtime? realign duties?)
  • Determine new hourly rate for those being converted to hourly; analyze and control anticipated overtime
  • Identify all factors impacting to nonexempt status (including modifications to paid time off, vacation, and benefit plans); Prepare appropriate letters and forms
  • Also Available: Create job descriptions based on status change (additional fee)
Contact us to set up an appointment to review your employees’ salaries, your vulnerabilities and the strategies to ensure you are compliant. Email or call 844.384.6747.

Compliance Highlights

This webinar features Linda Duffy, founder of Ethos Human Capital Solutions, and business attorney Kurtis Urien, Esq., of Merhab Robinson & Clarkson, Law Corporation providing an overview of important employment law changes going into effect in California in 2022. We also discuss legal cases that have been or will be decided by the courts and will affect CA employers.


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