Hot Job Market Continues…and So Does Recession Concerns

Last week CNBC published an article stating that the job market is still red hot despite recession fears. You can read the full article here.

The market to find talent for your company remains competitive. How do you find the right talent for your team? Are your recruiting methods stuck in the past? Do you have time and energy to spend recruiting instead of focusing on your business?

Most likely, things are moving so fast at your company that you have not updated the job responsibilities of certain positions, which means you are not recruiting the right talent. You can’t recruit 2022 talent with 2019 job descriptions! 

Recruiting With Ethos

Our dedicated recruiting team knows how to navigate the competitive job market to find the talent you need for your team. Ethos partners with your team to understand your company and business needs. We create a success profile for each position and find the professionals that will thrive in your business environment.

With all the talk of an impending recession, now is the time to hire and train your new talent to gain the upper hand to thrive. Hiring now will give you time to get the right employees to contribute to your company now and help you find ways to navigate a recession.

Curious about our recruitment plans? See our plans here and give us a call to discuss how we can help you focus on your business.