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Cultural Harmony

We have honed the alchemy of a perfect match between candidates and your company culture, resulting in a happy employer and employee.  It is both art and science.  Ethos Human Capital Solutions recruiting for 360-degree success gives you the talent you need for a clear competitive advantage.
Recruit with Company Culture in Mind

Skills and Style

We recruit for 360-degree success. Through our exclusive techniques and tools such as our Success Profile, Ethos is equipped to more accurately match your candidates’ leadership style, skill and aptitude, desired work environment, promotion potential, and overall fit with your business culture.

The highly skilled professionals we place demonstrate a strong sense of commitment and ownership, and will thrive in your business environment.


Business Growth

Your new talent should come on board fully primed to support you so, unlike typical recruiting firms, we invest our time to deeply understand your immediate and long-term goals before your search ever begins.

Armed with this knowledge, we identify and secure the most exceptional professionals prepared and committed to realizing your goals.

The Secret to Great Recruiting
Ethos - Recruiting Team Players

Team Players

For us, the formula for extraordinary recruiting success is looking beyond “job duties” and toward team building.  We work with you to get clarity about where your business is going, then we define specifically what high performance looks like in each position on your success team.  Our proprietary Success Profile plays dual duty.  It gives you a way to clearly communicate the demands of the position, and a distinct way to measure performance on the job.

You need great individual players with the right skills who can support a cohesive team.

Smarter Hiring

Having the right people in the right jobs is truly powerful.  When recruiting for your team, we go beyond the resume and job functions. We invest in unique and advanced tools, like PXT Select, to assess candidates and get more in-depth insight so we can find amazing people.

PXT Select is a powerful tool that provides in-depth insights into the candidate by providing data for verifying the hiring manager’s gut instinct- which is how most hiring happens today.

PXT Select measures:

  • Thinking Style: Can the candidate DO this job?
  • Behavioral Traits: HOW the candidate will do the job.  Are they a good cultural fit? Do they have the necessary behaviors to be successful in the position?
  • Interests: Indicated FOR HOW LONG they will do the job. Does job align with their long-term interests so they will remain in the position?

We identify how the candidate will best contribute to the organization.  PXT Select helps us to construct insightful interview questions that strengthen the interview process giving you the insight you need to make critical hiring decisions.

Finding your perfect match is art and science with Ethos.

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The People Problem Solver®

“While our company was searching for a new full-time recruiter, Linda Duffy’s team developed and implemented a recruiting system and functioned as our in-house recruiter until the position was filled. Their ability to understand our company’s overall business goals and culture is one of the key factors that sets Ethos Human Capital Solutions apart from other recruitment solutions.”

— Kristin Williams, Former Director of Training and Strategic Planning, Celluphone