The 6 Benefits of Following a Recruiting Plan and Process

As with any business, setting S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time bound) goals will only help to attain objectives. Recruiting is no different with the overall goal of finding the right person to add to your team. Here are six reasons why you need to have a solid plan and process in place:

  1. Reduce Recruitment Expenses – Many costs associated with recruiting can be reduced when done as part of a plan and not one off.
  2. Lessen Legal Risks – Consistent recruiting processes will reduce the legal exposure you have while seeking new talent.
  3. Save Time, Increase Productivity – Looking at the plan and process allow for more bundling of the same tasks reducing manpower.
  4. Project a More Professional Image Consistent with Brand Messaging – Attracting the brightest and the best means creating a business persona where people want to work.
  5. Uncover Continuous Improvement – You can’t improve upon what you don’t track and measure.
  6. A Recruiting Process Provides Flexibility – Whether you recruit in-house or need to contract with experts on the outside, the process remains the same, which in turn actually gives you room to adjust to your current staffing needs quickly.

By: Kimberly Kenner