Renewal in 2024!

Long-time readers of my newsletter know that I pick a word each year and set an intention. This year, I decided that the team would be involved in choosing a word and setting an intention for Ethos. We held our annual retreat in January, discussed some options, and then decided our word for 2024 is Renewal. 

For our team, renewal is more than just a buzzword – it’s adopting a fresh perspective, letting go of old patterns, and seeking new opportunities daily. We are thinking about renewal as we set our individual and company goals and how we serve our clients.

Client-Centric Focus

While many HR companies may approach their services as transactional, our team takes pride in being relationship-based. Yes, clients may initially approach us for specific project needs like handbooks or policy updates, but our commitment goes beyond the transaction. During our annual planning retreat, most discussions revolved around how we show up to serve our clients. Our success is built on the quality of service our clients receive. Ethos clients do not hear our team reading off of an “HR script.” We look at each business individually, assess the issues you are facing, and consider the business cycle stage your company is in, and our guidance reflects that. Think of it like a puzzle. We take all the unique pieces of your business to create a roadmap for your company that can include HR, training, recruiting, and payroll support customized to the needs of your business.  

A few days after our retreat, I was listening to Sage Robbins in a podcast interview, and she said, “Life is always giving us an opportunity to start again.” How perfect is that for our renewal theme? As a team, we are open to new possibilities, whether learning new technologies, creating internal training “teach-backs” for our team during our weekly meetings, or planning new webinars for the year. In the past two years, we have added several bilingual experts to our team, increased our recruiting efforts and support, customized our training programs, and added on-site support options for our clients. When you hire Ethos, you do not get one person; you get an entire team of experts!  

As part of our renewal commitment, look for more insights from different team members throughout the year. This month, our recruiting expert, Melissa Araya, discusses the importance of creating an Employee Value Proposition during your recruiting process in the first of a two-part series .

Our 2024 Renewal Special Offer!

We also have an irresistible offer that we are sharing with our newsletter readers first. We know compliance issues and the potential for costly fines or lawsuits are the number one issue that keeps clients up at night. You have the opportunity to have Ethos conduct a compliance audit for $2,495. The audit includes 2-4 hours of an Ethos expert on-site to conduct the audit and our team will create your personalized follow-up report that identifies issues, makes recommendations, and provides resources to address the identified issues. Think of the audit report as an important investment in your sanity and ability to sleep soundly.

Why Is This Irresistible?

If we complete the audit and do not identify an area of noncompliance, we will refund your $2,495 and send you a $250 gift certificate! An investment of $2,495 could save you thousands in fines and legal fees! Contact me for more details.

Our team looks forward to renewing our commitment to our clients in 2024 and bringing the Magic of Human Connection® to everything we do.