Six Reasons You Need to Plan Ahead for Successful Hiring

The job market is booming, the economy is slowly growing, and people are happily employed, or so you think. The recent news from the Labor Department is that the current unemployment numbers are at the lowest since 1969 making this a tight job market. Traditionally during the summer season, people are more focused on vacation planning than looking for a new position so the numbers are not expected to change dramatically. What can you do to capitalize on this “slower” time when it comes to filling jobs at your company? Have you created or updated your company’s recruitment plan? Now is the time to audit your practices and create a plan for your company.

Here are six reasons why you need to have a solid plan and process in place:

1.  Reduce Recruitment Expenses – Many costs associated with recruiting can be reduced when done as part of an overall plan and not one-off .

2.  Lessen Legal Risks – Consistent recruiting processes will reduce the legal exposure you have while seeking new talent. Audit your recruiting process now.

3.  Save Time, Increase Productivity – Looking at your plan and process to allow for more bundling of similar tasks, therefore, reducing manpower.

4.  Project a More Professional Image Consistent with Brand Messaging – Attracting the brightest and the best means creating a business persona and culture where people want to join your company.

5.  Uncover Continuous Improvement – You can’t improve upon what you don’t track and measure.

6.  A Formalized Recruiting Process Adds Flexibility – Whether in-house recruiters conduct your recruiting or if you contract with a professional recruiter, the process should remain the same.

Want to learn more about the Pre-Hire process? Check out this short blog post from our Assessment vendor partner, PXT discussing the benefits of planning.

Author: Kimberly Kenner