Is HR Ready for AI?

In the last few months, there has been ongoing talk about artificial intelligence, AI, and the potential disruptions it may cause to the job market. There are more questions than answers at this moment. How will it impact our job market? Can I replace employees or advisors with AI? What can I do with AI that may help my organization? Is AI safe to use in the office? 

ChatGPT is the most widely reported AI platform, although Microsoft has announced AI as a tool for their Teams software in the last few weeks. Currently, reviews on AI are mixed, whether it enhances productivity or is a replacement for human labor. 

While AI is constantly “learning,” could it replace your employees? How often do we need service from a company, and the only option we are given is to use their chatbot? It is incredibly frustrating when you can not receive customer service from a living person, and your only option is a chatbot. You cannot ask specific questions about your problem, or the chatbot keeps spitting answers that do not address your inquiry. Good luck getting support if you have a problem outside the chatbot’s pre-programmed responses. 

While it may be tempting to use AI to write HR policies, workplace notices or letters, etc., do you want a bot giving you HR advice or telling you how to manage your human resources? Can ChatGPT provide you with sound advice on how to implement new labor laws? Will you receive “support” when information is misinterpreted or if you need to make a termination on the spot? I can already see the lawsuits starting to happen. Ironically, last month, a US law professor claimed ChatGPT falsely accused him of sexual assault. The legal profession will be monitoring this situation closely.

While AI has a place, at the moment, I am here to reassure you that our amazing team at Ethos HCS remains committed to delivering the Magic of Human Connection®. We are here for all your situations and questions, whether they are regarding new labor law implementation, payroll, training issues, wage and hour concerns, maternity leaves, etc. The list is extensive, and each of our clients has unique situations that require expert advice. So, while the talk is about AI, rest assured in the knowledge that we endeavor to leverage the magic of the human connection today and in the future. 

by: Ivana Sifuentes