Ethos Connect: Quality Environmental is Working 24/7 to Ensure Californians Safety During COVID-19

California is beginning to lift the stay home order, and life is starting to emerge with a “new normal” as we return to our daily lives while COVID-19 is still among us. We checked in with Gus Escutia, President of Quality Environmental Inc, to understand how his company is leading the charge for employees and customers to return to work and retail environments safely.

Escutia opened QE in 2005 with his sister Lizbeth E. Delval. The company’s focus is the removal of hazardous materialasbestos, lead, mold, water damage, and decontamination for hospitals, grocery stores, commercial properties, schools, retail stores, and government buildings in the private and public sector.  Abatement and demolition has been his passion since he started in this industry 31 years ago and celebrating 15 years in business in 2020.

In January, Escutia was following the news when the Coronavirus stories were beginning to hit. As someone familiar with the decontamination procedures of hospitals, sanitization, and disinfection services, he knew that he needed to get specialized training to ensure he could serve his clients. “Our company’s success is built on long-term relationships with our clients and our staff with a Win/Win attitude. I am always looking to add value for our clients, and I knew that I needed to have our team trained according to CDC regulation and get certified for COVID-19 disinfecting, ” said Escutia. 

He immediately scheduled four separate sessions to train the entire QE team safely and effectively. “Our team is already familiar with infection control and containment. With COVID-19 spreading so fast and furious we knew everyone at QE would need to have extensive PPE training on the proper use of disinfectants and equipment needed to perform this service for our clients. We wanted to be ready to take action as soon as we receive a call, 24/7″, said Escutia.

According to Escutia, he received a call in March from a large construction site where one of the contractors tested positive for COVID-19.  The construction team was working on three floors in an area over 100,000 sq. ft and had over 50 employees and sub-contractors working on the building at the time. 

Escutia explains, “When the worker tested positive, that immediately changes everything for the construction teams and they needed to shut down the construction site. QE received the call, and sent in a team of 25 people over the weekend to disinfect not just the office space, but the entire existing construction area so the complete contractor team could return to work safely on Monday.”   

Escutia’s passion for keeping his clients safe is top of mind, especially during COVID-19. He continues, “A lot of companies think if they have their janitorial team clean their buildings or offices a few extra times a day or wipe down the entry door handle and elevator buttons, they are safe. If anyone in any facility, office, retail store, gym, or church has a positive diagnosis for COVID-19, you need someone who is certified on the procedure of COVID-19 disinfecting. This includes understanding how the virus is transmitted, how the disinfectants work, and the “contact time” needed on each type of surface to ensure you have killed the virus.”

In the past few weeks, QE has sanitized over 27 grocery stores that needed extensive clean-up and disinfecting of high-touch, high-traffic areas such as doors and shelves, and bathrooms. Additionally, Escutia and his team are well aware that every client is counting on QE to ensure their employees and customers safety. “We take this responsibility seriously; we have established relationships with our clients for many years, and we want them to have peace of mind when they welcome back their employees and customers.

QE has long term relationships with LA County as an approved vendor and has worked with the LA Sheriff’s Department, LA Superior Court, school districts, hospitals and the parks, and recreation department. QE received the contract for part of the demolition of a US Air Force base that contained hazardous materials. He knows that his company will be needed for COVID-19 disinfecting as new cases emerge, and he credits his team for their professionalism when dealing with clients during this uncertain time.

It is evident that Escutia is committed to his clients and employees. He started this company in his garage with three employees and now employees close to 200. He believes that the most critical thing in personal success is creating and valuing relationships with his employees and clients. “I believe in creating a culture of integrity, where I treat my people with dignity, respect, and honesty.” Several employees have worked with Escutia for over 20 years – these relationships began before he built QE. Escutia concluded, “Our company is prepared 24/7 as a direct contractor or subcontractor to keep Southern Californians safe and able to get back to work and living during this unprecedented time.” 

Check out this video of COVID-19 Disinfecting Service at Huntington Beach Ultimate Training Center click here to see QE in action.

For more information on the services provided by Quality Environmental visit their website: or call (866)230-5451.